• HTF 2018

The PUERTO RICO HOUSING FINANCE AUTHORITY (Authority), announces a Notice of Funding Availability/ Housing Trust Fund 2018 Cycle (NOFA) for assistance under these programs for construction and rehabilitation of rental housing:



Annex – Notice-CPD-16-14 Requirements for HTF Environmental Provisions

Annex – Rent Limits State PR 2017

Annex – Comparison Chart HTF vs HOME

Annex – Point Ranking HTF 2018

Annex – Area Definition

NOFA seeks to leverage diverse funds, with criteria that will result in allocating multiple financing sources to projects that meet the State Housing Plan priorities.

Total estimated annual:

2016:   $294,767.00

2017:  $706,528.00


The NOFA is released pursuant to the Authority’s 2016-2017 Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Action Plan. It is consistent with the funding priorities therein established. Developers and investors are invited to participate and provide direly needed rental housing to low-income families in Puerto Rico.