NOFA 2016

The PUERTO RICO HOUSING FINANCE AUTHORITY (Authority), announces a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for assistance under these programs for construction and rehabilitation of rental housing:

NOFA seeks to leverage diverse funds, with criteria that will result in allocating multiple financing sources to projects that meet the State Housing Plan priorities.

Total estimated annual 2018 and 2019 available for allocation : $15,377,656

(based on 2016 population and per capita LIHTC figures)

Nonprofit $1,632,866
Public Housing Administration $7,500,000
Other projects $6,244,790
HOME funds available $4,636,411
Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) $3,636,411
Non CHDOs 1,000,000

The NOFA is released pursuant to the Authority’s 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan (2016 QAP) & HOME Action Plan. It is consistent with the funding priorities therein established. CHDOs, developers and investors are invited to participate and provide direly needed rental housing to low-income families in Puerto Rico.


DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO APPLY ( You may need ZIP file manager to open some files)

  4. NOFA 2016 – ApplicationInstructions & Checklist

ANNEXES A-P : ( Click here to download the all of the files in .zip format)


Annex Q1 – Maps of Centros Urbanos 

A-lista anejo Q-1 CU Barranquitas CU Carolina CU Corozal CU Guayanilla CU Isabela CU Loiza CU Naranjito CU Salinas CU Vieques
CU Aguadilla CU Bayamon CU Ceiba CU Dorado CU Guaynabo CU Jayuya CU Maunabo CU Orocovis CU San Sebastian CU Villalba
CU Aguas Buenas CU Caguas CU Ciales CU Fajardo CU Hatillo CU Juncos CU Mayaguez CU Peñuelas CU Toa Alta CU Yabucoa
CU Aibonito CU Camuy CU Coamo CU Guanica CU Hormigueros CU Lajas CU Moca CU Quebradillas CU Toa Baja CU Yauco
CU Barceloneta CU Canovanas CU Comerio CU Guayama CU Humacao CU Las Marias CU Naguabo CU Rincon CU Utuado

Annex Q2 – Maps of Zona Histórica

1- lista Anejo Q-2 Zona Historica Coamo Zona Historica Miramar Zona Historica San German
Zona Historica Arroyo Zona Historica Guayama Zona Historica Ponce Zona Historica San Juan
Zona Historica Caguas Zona Historica Manati Zona Historica Sagrado Corazon Zona Historica Vega Baja

Annex Q3 – Maps Reglamento 22 Junta de Planificación

ANNEXES R-X ( Click here to download all file in zip format)

Annex R – I.001 Site Selection Standard Checklist Annex W-00 – PROGRAM GUIDE Annex W-06 – Notice CPD 15-03 Interim Policy on Maximum Per Unit Subsidy Units Annex W-12 – Notice CPD 05-09 Section 504  Annex W-18 – Notice CPD 98-09 HOME-Program-Conflict-of-Interest-Provisions
Annex S – Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan-HUD  Form 935-2A Annex W-01 – CHDO Certifications Form (Revised August 22- 2015)  Annex W-07-Executive Order No 11988 Weltands US EPA Annex W-13 – Notice CPD 01-11 Environmental Review Annex W-19 – Section-by-Section-Summary-2013-HOME-Final-Rule
Annex S – Fair Housing Requirements Annex W-02 – 24 CFR 55 – Floodplain Annex W-08 – Making Davis Bacon Annex W-14 – Notice  CPD 15-03 Interim Policy on Maximum Per Unit Subsidy Limits Annex W-20 – 24 CFR 58 – ENVIRONMENTAL
Annex T – Circular FY16-17 HM-02-Utility Allowances Annex W-03 – 24 CFR 92 – HOME Annex W-09 – HUD Manual-Compliance in HOME Rental Projects Annex W-15 – Notice CPD 97-11 Guidance CHDO under HOME Annex W-21 – Estándares de Rehab & Nueva Construccion – MULTI
Annex U – HOME Rent 2016 Annex W-04 – 36 CFR Part 800 Protection of Historic Properties Annex W-10 – Notice CPD 15-11 HOME Underwriting and Subsidy Layering Guidelines Annex W-16  – Notice CPD 98-01 Combining HOME Funds Governmental Subsidies Annex X – State Housing Plan – SHP Final- Dic 2014
Annex V – HOME Units Calculation Annex W-05 – 80 FR 25901 Energy Efficiency Standards Annex W-11 – Notice CPD 15-09-Requirements-for-Committing-HOME-Funds Annex W-17 – Notice CPD 98-02 Allocating-Costs-HOME-Assisted-Multi-Unit-Projects

Any applicant interested in furthering a proposal will register and request an application number from the Authority at 606 Barbosa Ave., Juan C. Cordero Building, Río Piedras, 3rd floor, reception desk, labor days, from 8:15am until 4:15pm. The written request will include the names of the applicant and the project. A payment of $100 (only manager’s checks and money orders) is due at registry. Registration is required in order to submit an application under NOFA. Proposals will only be accepted in digital media (CD or DVD format) and the format specified in the Application Package, no exceptions, through September 23, 2016. Completed proposals must be delivered at the Authority’s reception desk, on or prior submission deadline, at the abovementioned address. No applications will be accepted after the submission deadline. We encourage applicants to review the information contained in the 2016 QAP & the HOME AP, and any other applicable rule before submitting.