Property for sale

propiedad a la venta

3,518.25 m2

Terreno para la venta 2

5,913.23 m2

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Properties at  Villa del Encanto, Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico with development opportunities abound

Price: $ 60,000 and $150,000, respectively (2017’s Appraisal available).

Zoning: R1 and C1

 The properties consist of a commercial parcel and a residential parcel located at the entrance of Villa El Encanto single-family subdivision.

The commercial parcel is a vacant lot at the corner of the project entrance with PR-14.

The residential parcel is a remnant site divided in two section by an interior street with the original development proposing eight residential lots in each section.

mapa de localización de terrenos 1 y 2

For information call
787-765-7577, Exts. 2017, 2015, 4607, 4597

  • HTF 2018

The PUERTO RICO HOUSING FINANCE AUTHORITY (Authority), announces a Notice of Funding Availability/ Housing Trust Fund 2018 Cycle (NOFA) for assistance under these programs for construction and rehabilitation of rental housing:



Annex – Notice-CPD-16-14 Requirements for HTF Environmental Provisions

Annex – Rent Limits State PR 2017

Annex – Comparison Chart HTF vs HOME

Annex – Point Ranking HTF 2018

Annex – Area Definition

NOFA seeks to leverage diverse funds, with criteria that will result in allocating multiple financing sources to projects that meet the State Housing Plan priorities.

Total estimated annual:

2016:   $294,767.00

2017:  $706,528.00


The NOFA is released pursuant to the Authority’s 2016-2017 Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Action Plan. It is consistent with the funding priorities therein established. Developers and investors are invited to participate and provide direly needed rental housing to low-income families in Puerto Rico.



For projects previously approved by LIHTC and/or HOME Funds, please access the following link for easy reference:  Low Income Housing Tax Credit – QAP NOFA 2016

Any applicant interested in requesting the HTF funds will register and request an application number from the PRHFA at 606 Barbosa Ave Juan C. Cordero Building Rio Piedras 3rd floor reception.  Applications packages will be available from April 12, 2018 until April 20, 2018 from 8:15am until 4:15pm. The written request will include the names of the applicant and the project. A payment of $100 (only manager’s checks and money orders) is due at registry. Registration is required in order to submit an application under this NOFA.  Proposals will only be accepted in digital media (CD or DVD format) and the format specified In the Application Package. Completed proposals must be delivered at the PRHFA’s reception desk on or before April 30, 2018.  No applications will be accepted after the submission deadline.

  • Banner 42 IRC

  • Is a federal tax credit created as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Program governed by section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code for which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the implementing agency. Credits area allocated by formula to States and territories.
  • Provides financing through the sale of tax credits to United States investors.
  • The product of the sale contributes to create and preserve rental housing units.
  • Financial incentive to develop and preserve affordable multifamily housing for families of low income.
  • Owners of and investors in qualifying low-income rental units can use the credit as a dollar-for-dollar reduction of federal income tax liability.
  • Ten-year credit if project complies with low-income occupancy requirements and rent restrictions for the 15-year compliance period and beyond.

For NOFA2016 click HERE.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Units allocated (1988-2017)


(by units, address and date of use permit)

1Nuevo San Antonio I60PR-110 Bo. AguacateAguadilla21-Oct-88
2Nuevo San Antonio II40PR-110 Bo. AguacateAguadilla1-Sep-88
3Alameda I150PR-21 Rio PiedrasSan Juan1-Sep-88
4Alameda II150PR-21 Rio PiedrasSan Juan1-Oct-88
5Vistas del Mar152Bo. Pueblo NorteFajardo1-Nov-88
6Humacao Rental45Bo. Punta SantiagoHumacao1-Nov-88
7Verde Mar Rental55Bo. Punta SantiagoHumacao1-Nov-88
8Los Flamboyanes37PR-1Ponce22-Jul-88
9Paseo Santa Juanita46Santa Juanita Ave.-Calles 16 & 17Bayamon1-Feb-89
10Bayamón Country Club300PR-167 Km. 6.6 Bo. Buena VistaBayamon1-Mar-89
11Santa Juanita Apartments4538 North Street - Santa Juanita Dev.Bayamon13-Nov-89
12Alameda III150PR-21 Bo. Monacillos - Rio PiedrasSan Juan1-Dec-89
13Villas de Orocovix IV40PR-156 Km. 1.8 Bo. OrocovixOrocovis1-Dec-89
14Las Camelias166Calle A - Berwind - Bo. Sabana LlanaSan Juan1-May-90
15April Gardens II48PR-917 Km. 0.5Las Piedras1-Aug-90
16Brisas del Mar66PR-2 Km. 83.9 - Calle 3 Corales Dev.Hatillo1-Jun-91
17Puerta del Mar66PR-2 Km. 83.9 - Calle 3 Corales Dev.Hatillo1-Jun-91
18Mirador del Toa48Ave. South Main & 46 Street - Bo. PajarosToa Alta1-Oct-90
19Ponce de Leon 15071161507 Ponce de Leon Ave.San Juan19-Jul-91
20Puerto Rico Historic Zone67Viejo San JuanSan Juan1-Dec-90
21Jardines de Juncos60Camino Municipal 1 / Hacia Bo. Ceiba SurJuncos1-Feb-92
22Parque Real Apts.99PR-101 Km. 6.4 / Bo. CandelariaLajas1-Sep-92
23Torres de Plata II78PR-828 / Esq. South MaineToa Alta1-Dec-91
24Torres de Plata I72PR-828 / Esq. South MaineToa Alta1-Dec-91
25Vistas de Jagueyes41PR-173 Km. 0.3Aguas Buenas1-Nov-92
26Virgen del Pozo70Calle Diamante FinalSabana Grande1-Aug-93
27Villas del Mar32PR-2 Km. 84 / Bo. CarrizalesHatillo1-Aug-92
28Hucares II72PR-192 Km. 18.9Naguabo1-Feb-93
29San Francisco Court78PR-312 Km. 0.8 / Bo. Monte GrandeCabo Rojo6-May-93
30Vista Linda Apartments50Urb Alturas del ArrendadoSabana Grande31-Jan-94
31April Gardens III32PR-917 Km. 0.5Las Piedras27-Apr-93
32Villa Esperanza60Calle Manuel Alcaide / Bo. PuebloHatillo4-Feb-94
33San Francisco Village84PR-312 Km. 0.8 / Bo. Monte GrandeCabo Rojo30-Dec-92
34San German Apts.84PR-102 Km. 33.6 / Bo El RetiroSan Germán16-Mar-93
35Villas de Hatillo72PR-2 & Calle Santa RosaHatillo7-Dec-92
36Villa Enedina I24Calle Néstor Torres / Poblado El RosarioSan Germán30-Dec-94
37Villa Enedina II32Calle Néstor Torres / Poblado El RosarioSan Germán30-Dec-94
38Villa Enedina III32Calle Néstor Torres / Poblado El RosarioSan Germán1-Sep-93
39Jardines de Juncos II35Camino Municipal 1 / Hacia Bo. Ceiba SurJuncos24-Oct-94
40Jardines de Juncos III35Camino Municipal 1 / Hacia Bo. Ceiba SurJuncos24-Oct-94
41Los Claveles II170PR-846 Km. 0.40Trujillo Alto1-May-94
42Los Ángeles Housing124Calle 21 Las Lomas / Rio PiedrasSan Juan1-Aug-92
43Lares Gardens I102PR-111 / Bo. PuebloLares27-Sep-93
44Villa de la Rosa Apartments136PR-725 Km. 1.5 / Bo. LlanosAiboinito28-Dec-95
45Golden Village IV56PR-725 Km. 1.5 / Bo. LlanosAiboinito28-Dec-95
46Bahía Guayanilla94Urb Bahía Guayanilla/ 95 Calle HucarGuayanilla22-Aug-94
47Villas de Orocovix V51PR-156 Km 1.8 / Bo BotijasOrocovis2-Jun-95
48Hormigueros Apartments40PR-344 Km. 1.2 Int. / Detras Colinas OesteHormigueros9-Mar-93
49Villa Julia I24PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas26-Dec-95
50Villa Julia II24PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas26-Dec-95
51Villa Julia III24PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas26-Dec-95
52Villa Julia III-A24PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas26-Dec-95
53Villa Julia IV16PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas26-Dec-95
54Villa Julia IV-A16PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas26-Dec-95
55Villa Julia 5-924PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas26-Dec-95
56Rio Grande Elderly31PR-956 Km. 0.03 / Bo Guzman AbajoRio Grande10-Oct-94
57Villa Julia VI16PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas27-Jun-96
58Villa Julia VII24PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas27-Jun-96
59Villa Julia VIII16PR-2 Km. 100.2 / Bo CacaoQuebradillas27-Jun-96
60Jardines de Loíza80PR-188 / Bo Mediania BajaLoiza14-Nov-95
61V & B Apts.81PR-2 Km. 57.2 / Bo. FloridaBarceloneta24-Apr-96
62Ceiba Valley33Urb. Valle de CeibaCeiba16-Oct-97
63Bellas Piedras32Bo. Quebrada ArenasLas Piedras24-Jun-97
64Parque Retiro I100PR-485 Km. 1.2 / Bo San JoseQuebradillas23-May-97
65Casa Rosa I971022 Ave. Ponce de LeonSan Juan28-Oct-98
66Castilla Valley I32210 Castilla Suite 33 / Detras Zona IndustrialIsabela28-Aug-98
67Rio Grande Estates901000 Calle MaineRio Grande23-Jun-98
68Colinas de Jaguas II32PR-149 Km. 12.3/Expreso Manati a CialesCiales24-Dec-97
69Santa Teresita32Sector Las Marias / Bo. SabanaOrocovis30-Jun-97
70Hayuya I32PR-149 Ramal 144 / Sector El NudoJayuya25-Nov-98
71Lares Gardens Apts. II30PR-111 / Bo. PuebloLares29-Oct-99
72Virginia Valley28Carr Municipal Ceiba SurJuncos23-Nov-98
73Parque Del Retiro II100Carr 6617 Km. 0.7Morovis30-May-97
74LCS Apartments160Finca 856 / Sabana Llana / Camino Las PeñasSan Juan3-Nov-00
75Yauco Elderly Housing (Estancia Dorada)136PR-128 Km. 2.9 / Bo. Almacigo BajoYauco3-Oct-00
76Trujillo Alto Estates250PR-8860 / Saint JustTrujillo Alto4-Aug-99
77Jardines de las Flores24PR-153 Km. 2.4 / Bo. Ssan IdelfonsoCoamo21-Dec-00
78Paseos Reales24PR-2 Km. 66.9 / Bo. SantanaArecibo30-Dec-99
79Egida La Merced Housing84370 Ave Domenech / Hato ReySan Juan29-Dec-00
80Toa Alta Estates (Terrazas del Cielo)208PR-861Toa Alta11-Oct-01
81Ocean Park Tower20010 Calle AndinoSan Juan2-Apr-99
82Villa Fajardo I136PR-956 Km. 17 / Veve EstradaFajardo30-Jun-99
83Jardines de Piedras Blancas69PR-111 Km. 2.7San Sebastian4-Dec-98
84San Cristobal Apartments53450 Calle Norzagaray / Viejo San JuanSan Juan31-Aug-99
85San Sebastián Apts.25274 Calle San Sebastian / Viejo San JuanSan Juan2-Apr-99
86Villa Rincón83PR-412 Km. 0.3Rincón2-Apr-99
87Las Brisas70PR-2 / Bo. JayuyaJayuya2-Apr-99
88Buena Vista Apartments70PR-932 Km. 4.5 / Bo. RincónGurabo2-Apr-99
89San Ildefonso Apartments100PR-150 Km. 18.4Coamo2-Apr-99
90Vista del Río Apartments50PR-405 Km. 1.7Añasco2-Apr-99
91Alturas de Monte Verde Apts.60PR-676 Km. 0.5Vega Alta2-Mar-99
92Parque de Lajas78PR-101 Km. 6Lajas8-Nov-99
93Loiza Gardens Apts.110PR-187 Km. 9.2Loiza19-Dec-99
94Toa Baja Elderly160PR-867 Km. 1.6 / Bo Sabana SecaToa Baja20-Dec-01
95Sierra Bayamón Apartments262Edif A-1 / Bo. Hato TejasBayamon14-Sep-00
96Marie Garden Apts.24PR-308 Km. 5.1 / Bo. Puerto RealCabo Rojo1-Dec-00
97San Cristobal Apartments61PR-156 Km. 17.3 / Bo. HondurasBarranquitas1-Jul-01
98Playa Azul Apartments34Calle 4 de julioLuquillo1-Aug-00
99Peninsula Houses(Parque Victoria)102Ave Eduardo Conde / CanteraSan Juan12-Jul-02
100Jardines de Aibonito24Calle Miss Field / Pueblo SurAibonito10-Dec-02
101Lomas de Santa Marta132PR-122 / Bo GuamaSan Germán18-Sep-02
102La Estancia Homes67Urb V. Humacao / Carr 3 Km. 78.2Humacao1-Mar-02
103Jardínes de Loiza Apartments II27PR-188 / Bo Mediania BajaLoiza26-Nov-01
104Ciudad Felíz13071 Calle CaparraCataño2-Jan-03
105Villas de Florida II86PR-642 Km. 12.6Florida31-Dec-02
106Sagrado Corazón105Calle La Valentina / Sector Cuatro CallesArroyo31-Dec-02
107Finca Galateo311Alturas de Rio GrandeRio Grande1-Dec-02
108Casa Rosa II-SAN AGUSTIN78358 & 360 Calle San Agustin/Puerta de TierraSan Juan19-Dec-03
109Jardin del Atlantico132Calle Opalo Final / Bo GuamaAguadilla17-Dec-03
110Parque San Juan56Boulevard Buenos AiresSan Juan22-Dec-03
111Monserrate Apartments103PR-2 Km. 165.4 / Bo LavaderoHormigueros27-Oct-03
112Vistas del Rio Apartments II168PR-8860 / Bo Las Cuevas / Sector MatienzoTrujillo Alto18-Jun-04
113Ponce Elderly Housing94Calle Villa Final / Bo. CanasPonce28-Oct-04
114San Martin Twin Towers (Villa Venecia)360PR- 20 & 177Guaynabo1-Jan-05
115Comerio Housing52PR-156 Km. 30.7 / Sector Bordones / Bo. Rio HondoComerio30-Sep-05
116Villalba Housing56PR-151 Km. 1.3 / Bo. Hato Puerco ArribaVillalba23-Dec-05
117San Fernando Elderly Center70453 Calle Post Sur / Bo. SabalosMayaguez26-Mar-04
118San Miguel Home for the Elderly82PR-5 & Calle Santa CruzBayamon18-Nov-05
119La Inmaculada Elderly Housing1201715 Ave Ponce de Leon-SanturceSan Juan14-Feb-05
120Juana Diaz Elderly Housing83PR-14 Km. 13.9 / Bo. LomasJuana Diaz16-Dec-05
121Sunrise Elderly Apts.42Urb Hyde Park/198 Los Mirtos & Palma Real/Rio PiedrasSan Juan13-May-05
122Coamo Senior Housing108PR-153 Km. 13.8 Int/Bo San IdelfonsoCoamo5-Dec-06
123Arecibo Senior Housing (Egida Miraflores)120PR-638 Km. 4.2 / Bo. MirafloresArecibo5-Dec-06
124Loiza Home for the Elderly120PR-188 Km. 6.0 / Bo Mediania BajaLoiza28-Nov-05
125Egida Enfermeria Practica Lic PR81Calle Mayaguez / Hato ReySan Juan23-Dec-05
126Apartamentos Notre Dame88100 Ave. Troche / Urb. Notre DameCaguas22-Dec-06
127Egida del Policia-Trujillo Alto98PR-181 Km. 4.4 / Expreso Manuel Rivera MoralesTrujillo Alto30-Nov-06
128Egida del Policia Zona Sur667719 Calle Dr. Tommayrac / Bo. CanasPonce30-Nov-06
129Santa Isabel Senior Housing120PR-161 / BO. Boca VelazquezSanta Isabel20-Dec-07
130Jardines de Mayaguez275Calle Post Sur / Bo. SabalosMayaguez1-Aug-06
131Jardines de Carmeni Apartments24PR-518 / Bo GarzasAdjuntas20-Oct-06
132Florida Garden Apartments19PR-629 Km. 0.5 / Bo. Florida AdentroFlorida28-Feb-06
133Vieques Elderly Apartments28PR-200 Km. 1 Int / Bo TortugueroVieques29-Nov-06
134Morovis Elderly Apartments (Egida del Monte)92PR-6617 Km. 1.7 / Barrio MontellanosMorovis5-Dec-06
135Cabo Rojo Elderly Apartments88PR-308- Km. 3.0 / Bo Puerto RealCabo Rojo6-Dec-07
136El Remanso de Paz50Calles Villa, Venus, Reina & MercurioPonce13-Dec-07
137Ponce Elderly II80216 Ave. HostosPonce11-Jul-06
138El Remanso51PR-860 Km. 1.1 / Bo. Martin GonzalezCarolina14-Oct-08
139Jardin de las Catalinas132PR-156 / Barriada MoralesCaguas19-Dec-08
140Brisas del Mar Elderly1023-A Pebro Albizu Campos Ave/ Bo. MacheteGuayama21-Nov-08
141Laderas del Rio Elderly Plaza124Ave. Hostos/Bo. Minillas/ Sta. JuanitaBayamon30-Oct-08
142Isabela Elderly Apts24PR-112 Km. 1.4 / Bo. MoraIsabela28-Nov-07
143Jardin de Santa Maria101Calle Milagrosa/Urb Sta Maria/Bo SabalosMayaguez22-Dec-08
144Marivi Apartments96PR-137 Interseccion Carr 6617Morovis1-Aug-08
145Villa Esperanza100Calle 35 Bloque 24-16/Villa AsturiasCarolina31-Dec-08
146Villa Providencia75PR-837 Km. 0.4 / Bo. Santa RosaGuaynabo31-Dec-08
147Santiago Fajardo Village60PR-194 Km. 1.7 / Bo. Monte BrisasFajardo31-Dec-08
148Patillas Elderly Apartments (Egida del Bosque)120PR-3 Km 122.3 Int / Bo Mamey & PollosPatillas22-Sep-08
149Rio Dorado Elderly Apartments120Urb Alturas de Rio Grande / Bo Cienaga AbajoRio Grande17-Dec-08
150Egida-AMPPR-Guaynabo117PR-1 Km. 20.9 / Bo. RioGuaynabo19-Jun-09
151Ponce Darlington (REHAB)1504 Calle MarinaPonce14-Aug-09
152Hogar Manuel Mediavilla Negrón100Calles Rosalinda & Brindi / Bo SantiagoHumacao26-May-09
153Alturas de Castañer24PR-135 Km. 1.6/Sector La Cirila/Bo. BartoloLares11-Dec-09
154Juncos del Rio30Calle Luis Muños Rivera FinalJuncos4-Jun-08
155La Egida del Perpetuo Socorro66Urb Hyde Park / 3 Calle Amapola / Rio PiedrasSan Juan4-Feb-09
156Salinas Elderly84PR-3 Km. 157 / Bo AguirreSalinas28-May-09
157Monserrate Elderly II Apartments36PR-2 Km. 165.4 / Bo LavaderoHormigueros27-May-09
158Santa Rosa Elderly Apartments33PR-413 Km. 0.4 / Calle Del ParqueRincon21-Sep-09
159Urbana I & II Elderly Apartments73A24 Francisco Sein & C7 Costa Rica/Hato ReySan Juan21-Dec-11
160Panorama Gold Apartments168Calle 1/Panorama Estates/Bo Cerro GordoBayamon2-Sep-11
161San Angel Rental Housing Project89PR-834 Intesection 844 / Bo CarraizoTrujillo Alto16-Nov-12
162Casa Verde Rental Housing108PR-959 Int Km. 1.9 / Bo Cienaga BajaRio Grande16-Nov-12
163Aguada Elderly Apatyments (ARRA)36PR-441 Km. 1.1. / Bo GuaniquillaAguada12-Jun-11
164Égida Metropolitana120Carr 20 Km. 2.0 / Bo Monacillos/Rio PiedrasSan Juan29-Aug-12
165Golden Living Age Barceloneta91PR-684 Int - Ave. EscobarBarceloneta9-Dec-11
166Golden Living Age Cidra120PR-173 Km. 1.4 / 20 Brisas del Mar St. / Bo. BayamonCidra28-Oct-11
167Central American Village386PR-64 Km. 1.6 / Bo. AlgarroboMayaguez24-Jun-10
168Égida de la Florida7273 Ave Muñoz RiveraFlorida15-Dec-11
169Santa Rita Apartments126112 Ave. Universidad/Urb Sta Risa/Rio PiedrasSan Juan15-Dec-11
170Las Piedras Elderly Plaza1233&4 Calle 1 / Las Piedras Industrial ParkLas Piedras20-Dec-11
171Cecilia Orta49Calles Salvador Brau & De DiegoCarolina14-Dec-10
172La Trinidad Elderly (ARRA)13011 Calle CastilloPonce31-Jan-12
173Santamerica195PR-506 Km. 1.1 / Bo Coto LaurelPonce25-Jan-12
174Caguas Courtyard Community Housing9472 Calle Georgetti Esq. Calle Acosta /Centro UrbanoCaguas20-Dec-12
175The Francis Villages Elderly75Calle Tomas Cruz & PR-109 Int. / Bo. Añasco ArribaAñasco27-Aug-13
176Vistas del Mar Elderly88Urb. Jardines Arecibo/15 Calle OArecibo1-Feb-13
177Egida Asoc Miembros Policia-Maunabo116PR-901 Km. 2.2 / Bo EmajaguasMaunabo1-Nov-13
178Portal de San German56PR-102 Km. 30 / Bo. MeresuaSan Germán3-Apr-14
179The Golden Residences @ Floral Park160Urb. Floral Park/Llorens Torres & Marti/Hato ReySan Juan27-Jun-13
180Plaza Barcelona Elderly Apts98Calles Morell Campos & BasoraMayaguez24-Apr-13
181Miramar Housing965ta Seccion Jardines del Caribe/PR-132 Km. 22.1Ponce3-Sep-14
182Plaza Apartments6019 Calle Jose Quinton & 24 Calle Florencio SantiagoCoamo31-May-15
183Viewpoint at Domenech120550 Ave. Muñoz Rivera & 108 Ave. Domenech/Hato ReySan Juan2-Sep-15
184Plaza Gran Victoria981312 Ave. Ponce de Leon / SanturceSan Juan31-Aug-15
185Aires del Manantial120PR-846 Esquina PR-845 / Bo. CuevasTrujillo Alto9-Nov-16
186Lucero del Alba50Intsc PR-186 Km. 5 / Sec. El Cinco-Bo. Tomas de CastroCaguas26-Jun-15
187Gurabo Elderly86PR-189 Km. 6.4 / Bo. PuebloGurabo30-Apr-15
188Metropolis Apartments185419 Ave. Ponce de Leon / Hato ReySan Juan9-Oct-13
189Égida Hacienda El Jibarito138PR-445 Km. 6.5 / Bo. Saltos IISan Sebastián4-May-16
190Balseiro Elderly74Calles Balseiro & Añasco / Sector Blondet - Rio PiedrasSan Juan31-Aug-15
191Hatillo del Corazón64Ave. Dr. Susoni & Calle Arana / PR-119 Km. 10Hatillo3-Sep-14
192Santa Maria Apartments86Ext. La Nueva Salamanca / PR-102 Km. 24San German3-Sep-14
193Esmeralda del Sur100Los Colegios StreetPatillasTBD
194San Cristóbal Apartments50413 Calle Luna/Viejo San JuanSan JuanTBD
195Beatriz Village120PR-1 Km. 53.5 / Bo. BeatrizCayey1-Nov-16
196Paseo Samaritano120PR-183 / Bo. Montones, Collores y CeibaLas PiedrasTBD
197Montblanc Gardens128PR-127 / Bo. Susua BajaYauco15-Sep-15
198Valentina Rental Housing97PR-181 / Bo. HatoSan Lorenzo2-Nov-16
199Galería Urbana107Calle Dr. Goyco & Ave. Rafael Cordero / Bo. PuebloCaguas27-Sep-16
200Parque del Retiro I100101 Molinari StreetQuebradillasTBD
201Hogar Manuel Mediavilla Negrón II90100 Antonio Lopez St/Santiago WardHumacaoTBD
202Palacio Dorado10384 Muñoz Rivera St/Contorno WardToa AltaTBD
203Ciudad Lumen140Blvd. Martinez Nadal Urban Train/Las Lomas/MonacillosSan JuanTBD
204Vistas del Boulevard115PR-3 Cruz Ortiz Ave & Nacanor Vazquez Ave-Boulevard del RioHumacaoTBD
205San Blas Apartments69Lots 126 & 128 Jose I. Quinton St-Km 32.5CoamoTBD
206Golden Residences @ The Village140570 Ponce de Leon Ave / Hato ReySan JuanTBD
207Las Gladiolas140Quisqueya & Chile Sts / Hato Rey Centro WardSan JuanTBD
208Puerta de Tierra174Fernandez Juncos Ave & San Andres St / Puerta de TierraSan JuanTBD
209Jose Gautier Benítez238San Carlos St & Guayama St / Turabo WardCaguasTBD
210Jose Gautier Benitez Elderly Phase II200San Carlos St & Guayama St / Turabo WardCaguasTBD
  • Banner 45 D IRC

  • L. No. 106-554, 114 Stat. 2763, 26 U.S.C. § 45D (2000).
  • Provides financing through the sale of tax credits to United States investors.
  • The product of the sale contributes to boost the for-sale housing market in Puerto Rico.
  • PRHFA has a $45 million revolving line of credit.
  • Program of Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund-since 1994 – US Treasury Department).
  • Foster investments in businesses and real estate projects in low-income communities.

Investment Period

Investors holding qualified equity investments (QEIs) in qualified community development entities (CDEs) receive credit [26 U.S.C. § 45D (a)]:

  • 39% in 7 credit allowance dates (cads);
  • 5% annually in 1st 3 cads;
  • 6% annually in last 4 cads.
Bayamon 228

Parque 228 en Bayamón


Hacienda Concordia II en Santa Isabel

Vista Verde

VISTA VERDE en Naguabo




Vistas Arroyo en Arroyo

  • Home Banner

Promotes development of affordable housing

  • Funds eligible activities:
    • construction or rehabilitation of rental housing
    • assistance to buyers (down payment and closing costs to purchase housing with a $1,000 minimum and an average maximum of $45,000)
    • assistance to homeowners for rehabilitation or construction
    • assistance to CHDOs with operating expenses

2017-2018 Annual Action Plan 

The Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority notify the public and other interested parties of the availability of a substantial amendment to the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan, and 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan for the reprogramming of funds and the creation of a new activity. All the activities will provide preference to the persons affected by Hurricane María.

In accordance with the requirements of 24 CFR 91.115 and State Citizen Participation Plan, the amendment will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Caribbean Field Office. See Public Notice-Dec. 2017.

2018-2019 Annual Action Plan (Draft)

Interim Loans for Construction

PRHFA offers financing for construction of housing projects for sale in which the price per unit does not exceed $200,000.00.

The Authority’s fee varies depending on the kind of project (new construction or rehabilitation), the sale price per unit, the profit percentage for the developer, on whether the project is FHA insured, and on whether PRHFA will provide subsidy to the buyer families.

The Authority will provide financing of up to 80% of the total cost of the development.

Section 8 programs

The Authority manages the Section 8 programs (Moderate Rehabilitation, Housing Voucher, and Homeless Project), which allow families to rent private housing units. The Authority pays the homeowner the difference between 30% or 10% of the family’s adjusted income and the unit’s rental price. The Authority processes applications of those interested in participating in the programs, determines eligibility and the rent for families. At present PRHFA manages approximately 2,200 units under the Section 8 programs.

Project-Based Contract Administrator

  • Manages Section 8 subsidy agreement for projects in Puerto Rico
  • Monitor project management to insure quality of life of residents and adequate use of the federal funds
  • Make subsidy payments to project owners, renew subsidy contracts, approve and process rent increases, ensure that deficiencies found during inspections are corrected, and conduct annual administrative audits

Real Estate Development  – For Sale Projects

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue en Luquillo


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The Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority, was created pursuant to Act No. 103, approved on August 11, 2001.  The Authority has the power to issue bonds and notes for any of its corporate purposes and to grant direct loans, insure loans and purchase loans, including mortgage-backed securities, from private lenders for the construction, improvement, reconstruction, rehabilitation, enlargement or repair of housing for persons and families of low or moderate income.   The Authority is exempt from the payment of any taxes on its revenues and properties.

PRHFA logo
  • Administrator of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program since 2010.
  • Puerto Rico’s State Credit Agency for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program under Section 42 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, as amended.
  • Responsible for the Puerto Rico Community Development Fund, a Community Development Entity participating in the New Markets Tax Credits Program of the U.S. Treasury Department. This tax credit program helps to provide funds for for-sale housing projects in Puerto Rico (Section 45D of the Internal Revenue Code).
  • Administers the Mortgage Loan Insurance Program (Act No. 87).

Our Mission

To promote the development of low-income housing and provide financing, subsidies and incentives for people to acquire or lease a dignified home.

Our Vision

Contribute with the housing, financial, and programs structures to transform housing development at all levels. Play the role of facilitator to further program efficiency and improve the economy.

Our Programs:

Mortgage loans to developers for the construction, improvement, operation and maintenance of rental and for-sale housing for low- to moderate-income families.

Mortgage loans to citizens of low- and moderate-income.

Mortgage Loan Insurance Program (Act No. 87).

Disposition of repossessed properties.

Housing subsidy programs aimed at boosting home purchases.

Section 8 program of the U.S. Housing Act (PHA).

In addition, the PRHFA is a:

Performance Based Contract Administrator (PBCA) for HUD’s

Section 8 projects in Puerto Rico.

PRHFA, at a glance





Gross Receipts for the past 3 years:

2017- $19,000,000

2016- $50,465,256

2015- $47,787,146

Five (5) largest loans originated past 12 months:

Los Claveles II- $10,274,859

Aires del Manantial- $1,942,752

Beatriz Village- $1,050,000

Galería Urbana- $950,000

Gurabo Elderly- $800,000


Loan Portfolio:

1-4 Family- $55,202,166.63

Second Mortages- $53,081,089.98

Multifamily- $31,779,854.00

Five Larges Loans:

Los Claveles II- $10,090,095

Los Claveles I- $8,237,481

Jardín del Atlántico- $2,832,871

Lomas de Santa Marta- $2,493,592

Aires de Manantial- $1,938,399


Who we are?

Senior Management

Luis C. Fernández Trinchet

Executive Director

Pablo Muñiz Reyes

Sub Director

José L. De Jesus Jiménez

Assistant Executive Director for Fiscal

Carmen Arroyo Casiano

Assistant Executive Director for Operations

José J. Hernández Caraballo

Assistant Executive Director for Unifamily

Board of Directors

Fernando Gil Enseñat, Esq. President

Christian Sobrino Vega, Esq. Member

 Gerardo Portela Franco, Member

Lcdo. Gabriel Olivera Magraner, Esq. Member

Lcda. Margarita Cintrón Sola, Esq. Secretary

Lcda. Zulema Martínez, Esq. Secretary

Contact Information

Physical address:

606 Barbosa Ave.
Juan C. Cordero Bldg.
Río Piedras PR 00919-0345

Postal address:

PO Box 71361
San Juan PR 00936-8461

Tel (787) 765-7577
Fax (787) 620-3521

Our Values

Our purpose and values form the foundation of our culture — a culture that is rooted in reliability, disciplined risk management, and delivering together as a team to better serve our citizens, strengthen their communities, and deliver value to our Government.

Our businesses

The Authority provides to the Puerto Rico’s professional class, specifically to the developers, the investors, the information, financial products and services they need to help achieve their financial goals and the government policy.  Also provides data and information the federal Government and in our intergovernmental relations

Our Culture

Our culture comes from how we run the Authority every day. Our commitment is to “act responsibly,” which includes our commitments to ethical behavior, acting with integrity and complying with laws, rules, regulations and policies that reinforce such behavior

Public Records, Policies & Transparency

Public documents maintained by the Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority are available for inspection by members of the public pursuant to the Puerto Rico Public Documents Act.

Information and procedures to obtain these documents or records can be found in the “Reglamento número 8577 sobre el cobro por servicios de reproducción y digitalización de documentos”.